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Technological changes have reached the forms of trade and, consequently, also those of sale. Nowadays, more and more businesses are daring to bet on online presence, since they know that it allows them to expand the sale of their products or services to unsuspected places in the world. Users, on the other hand, are grateful for this online presence, since it avoids them having to go directly to the store to purchase the products they want. in this online presence of businesses, or in the well-known e-commerce, price comparators play the main role.

They bring multiple benefits to the owner of the comparator, to the companies that appear in it and, of course, to the users or consumers themselves. Thanks to the price comparators, users are saved from having to move from store to store to compare the prices that the different establishments make available for the same product, as well as navigate through different pages and take note of each of the options. With just one click they can see the same product offered by the different brands and the prices of each one of them without even having to leave the sofa or move from one page to another. The owner of the comparator keeps a certain percentage of each sale that is made and does not have to have stock because this is already taken care of by the company that appears in its comparator.

since it is an initiative that benefits the three main sectors of commerce: consumers, companies and the intermediary (the owner of the comparator), more and more sectors are joining this initiative. Thus, today, in addition to insurance comparators, hotels... we can also find comparators for more specific sectors, such as air conditioning. An example of a price comparator in the area of air conditioning is, which is dedicated to the sale of air conditioning in Madrid.

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